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HOWTO Backup OpenERP

For saving OpenERP you need to backup the Database with your data.

From the GTK openerp-client menu

  • File-> Databases->Backup Database

Then you can restore it after saving from the same menu:

  • File-> Databases->Restore Database

From the OpenERP Web login screen

  • Databases -> Backup / Restore

pgAdmin III

A complete OpenERP database can be moved using PostgreSQL’s native backup/restore mechanism. Apart from the command line, the easy and straightforward way is to use pgadmin3 (GUI admin tool). Run pgadmin3, then connect to the database server, right click on the database name and select Backup from the contextual menu. I recommend to use COMPRESS mode (native and efficient) to save the backup. Still using pgadmin3, connect on the destination server, create a new database, right click on its name and select Restore.


Consider virtualizing your OpenERP installation. This would allow you to redeploy OpenERP by cloning your OpenERP’s virtual machine.

One great virtualization solution and probably the easiest way to set up a virtual machine in Linux is KVM, already available in Fedora 11 and the new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.4. KVM is intregated in the Linux kernel and virtual machines can be easily deployed with virt-manager and Virtual Network Editor (GUI tools). CentOS 5.4 & ScientificLinux 5.4 (RHEL clones) will be available in 2-4 weeks.

System Backup and Bare-Metal Restore on Linux platforms

You can also backup your OpenERP Software for bare-metal recovery:



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  1. I followed those steps written above but i still can’t restore the backup i created

    Comment by Anonymous | February 10, 2012 | Reply

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    • The What’s New doc should be out any day now. There were some late edits and sucdehling issues with getting it added to the external web site, but it is my understanding that all of that is nearly resolved.

      Comment by Hiroyuki | January 12, 2013 | Reply

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