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New release of OpenERP All-in-one installer & updater for Ubuntu

A new release of this open source script is available and compatible with Ubuntu 9.10. It automates the installation and update of OpenERP from source code (latest stable or trunk branch from The following optional modules have been included: openerp-spain, magentoerpconnect, report-openoffice and openetl.

Many thanks to Ana Juaristi ( for suggesting the idea of adding report-openoffice into this installer. Brandnew Reporting Engine rocks!!

Click on this link to grab the new installer


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  1. Hi

    This looks very interesting. Can I just confirm that we can use this script and replace the previous one ?


    Comment by Julian Robbins | February 1, 2010

    • Hi Julie,

      This new script can be used on an existing installation of openerp if it was previously set up with the old version.

      This release replaces the previous one at the same post/URL.

      Comment by I. Fernández | February 1, 2010

  2. I have a problem

    Installing the OpenOffice Reporting engine on a fresh install of Ubuntu 8.04 and Stable of OpenERP, gives an error when trying to use the report I’ve created as per the instructions.

    This is what I posted here


    I’m using the script from here http://opensourceconsulting.wordpress.c … or-ubuntu/ with Reporting installed as part of the script on a 8.0.4 Ubuntu virtual machine. The script pulls in all required python modules such as relatorio. I am using the stable install, ie using 5.0.6

    But I still get the error above which is odd, as the VM is a completely fresh install ..

    There is mention in these forums viewtopic.php?f=11&t=43 that I might need a newer lxml but also in the fourms it implies that a different call should be used.

    Please can you help ? I have also posted this in the comments section of the script I have used to make them aware that a default install doesnt quite seem to work.


    Comment by Julian Robbins | February 2, 2010

  3. Hi,

    very useful blog! I am trying to work out report_openoffice module but without luck. Script installs openerp perfectly .
    I can install report_openoffice & report_openoffice_samples .

    But after install I get error when creating invoces openerp complains about badzip file…
    to be honest I did not quite understood what needs to be done to install report_openoffice besides through openerp administration.
    Could someone confirm that it can be done and please post the solution (for dummies 🙂 )

    Best regards, and many many thanks in advance!

    Comment by Vladimir | February 4, 2010

    • Hi Vladimir, hopefully this known issue will be fixed by Kaspars…

      Comment by opensourceconsultant | February 5, 2010

      • Hi again,

        I finally got it working…and I will try to explain how…
        there were several failures…but with the help of the VM I went the right way…

        After fresh install with the above script and initial setup of the database and basic elements (customer, supplier and 1 product) , I have installed only this modules:
        base_report_designer (interface for downloading and editing original reports in sxw format)
        base_report_unicode (support for other font latin2 & etc)

        Then I (re)moved original report_openoffice that is installed with the script and downloaded from developer site and placed it in addons folder (unziped). Updated module list, installed the module and created the connection to openoffice like in the instructions. Besides that I did nothing.

        I think that it is good not to install report_openoffice_samples because I think they change something in the configuration and then it does not work.

        Hope that I will help someone…
        regards, Vladimir

        Comment by Vladimir | February 6, 2010

        • Hi After trying your instructions and removing the original module and using one from kndati.klv and importing that, i end up with the same problem as originally, ie in post 1 here ie

          AttributeError: ‘etree._ElementTree’ object has no attribute ‘iter’

          Comment by Julian Robbins | February 6, 2010

          • Hi Julian,

            I did not mention that I have 64bit ubuntu 9.10 installation and I think they are different in some of the packages…

            I am not an expert….just a power user…so if you can send me email to with the error and I will try to reproduce the same thing with ubuntu 8.04 version…

            or you can try install with 9.10, this script makes it to easy…

            regards, Vladimir

            Comment by Vladimir | February 6, 2010

            • Hi Vladimir and Julian,

              In my opinion both Ubuntu 32 bits and 64 bits have exactly the same packages…

              Should “base_report_designer” and “base_report_unicode” be dependencies in report-openoffice?

              I don’t understand the difference between downloading report-openoffice from and Good to know your workaround fixes the issue.

              On the other hand, packages differ from 8.04 to 9.10. For example 9.10 includes more python packages than 8.04, and this script installs them by running “easy_install” instead of “apt-get”.

              The key is to setup the correct release for each python library required by report-openoffice.

              Comment by opensourceconsultant | February 7, 2010

  4. Julian,

    or even better I can send you download link with virtual machine.

    regards, Vladimir

    Comment by Vladimir | February 6, 2010

    • It may be an idea I can download the VM, if you have a url for it …. Its funny as I normally use 9.10, but as its for a server application, i used 8.04 as OpenERP 5.0.6 doesnt install by apt-get easily on 9.10, so thats why i chose 8.0.4.

      Comment by Julian Robbins | February 6, 2010

      • OK, I will send you link tommorrow….just send me an email…

        I have limited bandwidth so I really do not want make it public….but if you work with VM , why do not try with 9.10 and the script it just works…

        Comment by Vladimir | February 7, 2010

      • Julian,

        According to REQUIRES.txt file, report-openoffice requires two packages: 1) relatorio 2)openoffice-python

        The second one is not included in this script…

        8.04 : sudo easy_install openoffice-python
        9.10 : sudo apt-get install -y python-openoffice

        Comment by I. Fernández | February 8, 2010

      • After reading your comments on kaspars’ blog, I’ve figured out how to install python lxml 2.2.4 on Ubuntu 8.04:

        sudo apt-get install -y libxml2-dev libxslt1-dev
        sudo easy_install “lxml>2.0”

        Comment by I. Fernández | February 8, 2010

  5. Hi,
    When I metioned 64bit 9.10 the emphasis was on 9.10
    I did not get the error that Julian got but badzipfile error that is also mentioned in developer forum.

    I do not know what made my configuration work, rather what course of actions made my config work.
    I tried to install the samples and then got some errors.
    Reason why I used developer download was just lucky guess.
    Also I thought that developer version from developer site is the freshest one.
    And the developer forum posted some corrections.

    Comment by Vladimir | February 7, 2010

  6. report_openoffice seems to be working without the previous errors 😉

    Comment by I. Fernández | March 3, 2010

  7. Anyone used this script for Ubuntu 10.04?
    Should it work?

    Comment by Daniel | May 1, 2010

  8. I am now at the stage of “OpenERP Server:Downloading latest stable branch from”. 30min has passed, how long does it takes to complete this stage?

    Comment by alex | May 24, 2010

    • Hi Alex,

      The weakest link of this all-in-one is its dependence on network. I recommend you to buy my OpenERP appliance that already includes all necessary source code without the need of an Internet connection. It only costs $1.5 and success is guaranteed!!

      Comment by I. Fernandez | May 24, 2010

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