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OpenERP 6.0.3 appliance with addons_path and openerp-update with community branches

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OpenERP 6.0.3 Appliance is now available for sale. It is based on Turnkey Linux Library 11.3 (Ubuntu 10.04) and  includes an addons_path configuration in /etc/openerp-server.conf and the possibility of adding bzr branches to openerp-update (like  i.e. magentoerpconnect and openerp-spain, both of them already downloaded but only the former one included in addons_path). Thanks Angel Moya from Domatix for these two suggestions. Further details in openerp-update’s report.

The desktop appliance provides a GUI Desktop to developers, testers and newbies, while the server appliance is more suitable for production and cloud computing.

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OpenERP branches included (click on the right links for source code revisions):

Openerp login credentials are set up during the database creation, by default admin/openerp (required for backup/restore from openerp clients) and demo/demo.

OpenERP source code is update-able by running openerp-update command inside ‘openerp’ linux acount. Remember to login as linux user acount “openerp” with default password “openerp. As an interesting feature, openerp-update offers the possibility of reverse updating openerp-server, openerp-web, openerp-client and addons (branches with bzr milestones).

A README document is available on each appliance explaining the following points of interest:

  • Howto update OpenERP branches
  • Howto change your keyboard layout
  • Information regarding VMware tools and VirtualBox Guest Additions installers:
    • (postgres, apache and openerp related services need to be started manually on each boot after adding Guest Additions on latest virtualbox releases)
    • Above scripts provide :
      • full screen resolution on VirtualBox and VMWare Player.
      • Clipboard support: cut/copy and paste between the guest and host OS
      • Shared folders require manual configuration
  • Howto reach OpenERP Appliance on a Virtual Machine from your windows host (VirtualBox,VMware and KVM)
  • Howto reach OpenERP Appliance on a Virtual Machine from your LAN (VirtualBox,VMware and KVM)

List of available appliances:

  1. OpenERP 6.0.3 Desktop Appliance
    • 32-bit architecture
    • File size: 1,11GB
    • Build Date: December 21st 2011
    • Ubuntu release: 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid)
    • TurnKey Linux release: TKL 11.3
    • GUI Desktop included?: Yes
    • confconsole included?: No
    • Workaround for openerp-client bug #674231?: Yes, openerp-client runs by clicking on Desktop icon
    • Issue: When installing VMware Tools or VirtualBox Guest Additions, the appliance might boot with text console login. Workaround: press ‘ALT-F7’ to switch back to GUI login.
    • At least 700MB of Virtual Memory required. Select 128MB of display memory in VirtualBox and “vga 9MB” as default video adapter in KVM.
    • Price: 6€

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  2. OpenERP 6.0.3 Server Appliance

    • 32-bit architecture
    • File size: 906MB
    • Build Date: December 21st 2011
    • Ubuntu release: 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid)
    • TurnKey Linux release: TKL 11.3
    • GUI Desktop included?: No
    • confconsole included?: Yes
    • Workaround for openerp-client bug #674231?: Yes
      • openerp-client runs from command line if required by openerp admin (SSH X11 forwarding required)
      • openerp-client is usually installed and run on each Desktop PC/Laptop (openerp users)
    • Price: 6€

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