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OpenERP 6.1rc1 server appliance for QA testing purpose. ‘openerp-update fast’ option added

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OpenERP 6.1rc1 server Appliance is now available for sale. It is based on Turnkey Linux Library 11.3 (Ubuntu 10.04) and  includes an ‘openerp-update fast‘ option for faster updates of openerp source code without prompts. Please note this is a QA testing purpose build (trunk branch in Launchpad instead of stable branch). Branches included: openerp-server, openerp-web, openerp-client, addons, extra-addons, magentoerpconnect.

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Openerp login credentials are set up during the database creation, by default admin/openerp (required for backup/restore from openerp clients) and demo/demo.

OpenERP source code is update-able by running openerp-update command inside ‘openerp’ linux acount. Remember to login as linux user acount “openerp” with default password “openerp. As an interesting feature, openerp-update offers the possibility of reverse updating openerp-server, openerp-web, openerp-client and addons (branches with bzr milestones).

Example of how to add a new community branch to openerp-update:

  1. cd /home/openerp/workspace/
  2. bzr branch lp:aeroo
  3. Update addons-path in /etc/openerp-server.conf by adding ‘/home/openerp/workspace/aeroo’
  4. openerp-update

List of available appliances:

  1. OpenERP 6.1rc1 Server Appliance
    • 32-bit architecture
    • File size: 1,1GB
    • Build Date: January 17th 2012
    • Ubuntu release: 10.04.1 LTS (Lucid)
    • TurnKey Linux release: TKL 11.3
    • GUI Desktop included?: No
    • confconsole included?: Yes
    • Workaround for openerp-client bug #674231?: No
    • Price: 6€

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