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Magento installer for Ubuntu

OpenERP Appliance & All-In-One & Magento Forum

A new release of this open source script is available. It automates the installation of Magento from source code.

Click on this link to grab the new installer

OpenERP Appliance & All-In-One & Magento Forum

This script automates the setting up of openerp-server-5.0.3 & openerp-client-5.0.3 & openerp-web-5.0.3 & openerp-addons-5.0.3 for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop

The Goal is to provide a graphical installer of OpenERP for Ubuntu Desktop with a KISS philosophy

This post is obsolete! This script doesn’t work any longer as openerp v5.0.3 is out of date and not available at Please consider the new script and post: OpenERP 5.0.5 on Ubuntu All-in-one installer & updater For Dummies:

Requirements: A fresh installation of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop (

Run the script through the Graphical User Interface:

1. uncompress the file
2. right click on icon
3. click on ” Properties”
4. click on “Permissions” tab
5. select “Execute: Allow executing file as program”
6. click on “Close”
7. double click on the icon and “Run”

The installation process can be as simple as “Accept” for each question. You will need to type your user password (sudo).

Additional info:

1. OpenERP on Ubuntu 8.04 is recommended for production systems
2. Desktop Icons for openerp-client and openerpweb URL are made
3. Available IP addresses are shown to ease the IP address input. The first configured IP is marked as default one
4. An OpenERP-README.txt file is created with the remaining steps to be done from the OpenERP client (GTK or Web)



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OpenERP-Magento-Facebook integration on Ubuntu

OpenERP Appliance & All-In-One & Magento Forum

Magento E-commerce management using OpenERP

The new magentoerpconnect module is now included in this release of OpenERP installer for Ubuntu. An installer for Magento on Ubuntu >= 9.04 is also available on this post. Both scripts cannot be run on the same ubuntu system.

Social shopping: Magento-Facebook integration

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Which openERP integration to use
Some basic questions about your magento-openerp connector
Magento extension for multiwebsite OpenERP connector by Open Labs
Zend and Varien Partner to Deliver an All-In-One PHP and Magento eCommerce Solution

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Magento installer for ubuntu 9.04

OpenERP Appliance & All-In-One & Magento Forum

This script automates the setting up of Magento on Ubuntu 9.0.4 Server & Desktop.

New update! Magento installer

Magento ( is an Open Source ecommerce web application.

Requirements: A fresh installation of Ubuntu 9.0.4 Server or Desktop without Apache nor Mysql. Only the core of the system is needed, so during the installation of your Ubuntu Server don’t select software to install like LAMP Server in the “Software Selection” menu (except for OpenSSH Server). This script installs Apache, PHP and Mysql; and expects to deal with default config files.
TIP: test this script within a Virtual Machine after installing Ubuntu 9.04 from scratch. Run the virtual machine in a bridged network (host and guest have same subnet and can be reached from the LAN).

Run the script as non-root with the following commands:

$ gzip -d
$ chmod +x
$ ./

You will be asked for:
1) Mysql root password
2) IP address your OpenERP Web service will be listening on
3) Magento Admin username & Password
4) Your LANG, etc.

Magento Translations can be found at

Example of how to install the Spanish (Spain) translation with modern theme (Full package Download):

sudo apt-get install unzip -y
sudo cp -r app/locale/es_ES/ /var/www/magento/app/locale/
sudo cp -r app/design/frontend/default/modern/locale/es_ES/ /var/www/magento/app/design/frontend/default/default/locale/
sudo chown -R www-data.www-data /var/www/magento/app

Refresh Magento Cache from Magento Admin Panel -> System-> Cache Management

The output of the script ends with:

MySQL “root” Administrator Password: mysqlpassword
MySQL Database Name for Magento = magentodb
MySQL Database Administrator for Magento = magentodbadmin
MySQL Database Administrator’s Password for Magento = magentodbpasswd

Magento Admin Username = admin
Magento Admin Password = password
Magento Admin First Name: myfirstname
Magento Admin Last Name: mylastname
Magento Admin Email Address:

Magento default locale = en_US
Magento default timezone = America/Los_Angeles
Magento default currency = USD

Add “” to your DNS System!
Check your Magento URL with a browser:

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